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 Special Pre-NAB Jib Pricing

We are now offering special prices on CV Support Jib Arms before NAB.

We also have a special deal on 1 of the V12 Tripod Systems  and an extra V12 head.  

These prices are too hot to show on the web, email Debbie@camgearusa.com for details or text to 480.225.8914

CamGear Tripods

You have the vision, but without a professional grade camera support you will not achieve the smooth and stable results that professionals require and use every day. To get those smooth moves without a camcrane, a fluid head tripod is a must. Camgear Products cover a wide range from quality tripods to useful accessories.  While we are not presently stocking the full lineup here in the USA, we are keeping the most useful tripod models for quick delivery.  Camgear tripods offer the best value in the industry, they meet and exceed our standards for a quality product at a fair price.  CamGear tripods are available to cover lightweight DSLRs up to studio TV cameras.  Everything is broadcast quality, no toys in this lineup!  When you use CamGear, you just do the shot without thinking about your equipment.  Double extension legs, the fluid head with adjustable drag (pan and tilt) and counterbalance, a pan bar, a floor spreader and carrying case make up the basic kits.  Mid-level spreaders and dollies are available for those who require them.

CV Support

CV Support does jibs right.  Quality workmanship, easy setup, equipment that lets you forget about it and concentrate on the shots and moves at hand instead of the tools that get you there.  Most popular is the 8 Meter Roamer which handles a wide variety of DV cams as well as traditional ENG lenses from Canon and Fuji.

Reach Tripods™


Our Reach Tripod™  lineup covers everything from the serious hobbyist and prosumer to the studio professional, from the new generation DSLRs to studio TV cameras. Standard features on all our tripod kits include double extension legs, with separate adjustable drag settings for pan and tilt and adjustable counterbalance settings as well. Each kit includes a tripod ("sticks"), fluid head, pan bar and floor spreader. Optional accessories include a mid-level ("off-floor") spreader and rubber feet, and a soft carry case. For those that need it, dollies or wheel sets are also available that feature locks and brakes on all three wheels.